About Us


Our Takeaway Packaging is made from Plants NOT Plastic Sustainable Recyclable Compostable Biodegradable

  • We pay our suppliers a fair price (After all they are supplying us with a quality product)
  • They pay their suppliers a fair price for ingredients  
  • Shopping with us means you are supporting small family artisan producers from Sussex and beyond
  • We are a Living Wage employer, regardless of age or position
  • Our products are packed with goodness NO NASTIES HERE!
  • We only use compostable takeaway products made from plants NOT Plastic
  • Vegware products compost within 12 weeks with your household food waste www.vegware.com  
  • Most of our products are not sold in the large supermarkets
  • We support small family artisan producers 
  • All our teas, coffees, pickles, chutneys and other condiments are available to buy from our shelves 
  • Bring your own mug and save 25p off any hot drink.  
  • We have a large range of Vegan, Veggie and Gluten Free options 
  • We have a Separate area to prepare Gluten Free Food safely, our staff are trained properly as per environmental health guidelines on allergies
  • We have the largest Vegan Menu in Worthing